Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Trigger Thumb

This Chinese New Year is not a very good year except the fact that we have our baby for his first Chinese New Year to celebrate.

On 9 February, my husband asked to check on baby's right thumb while I let him to sit on the piano bench to play piano. He told that baby's right thumb cannot be straightened. At first, thinking that my husband could be just over reacted, I approached and realized that it was true, his right thumb is bent towards his palm, we dared not use too much force to make it straight, we observed that this is different than his left thumb.

Now, what do we do? That's the question in my mind, we asked around, sis-in-law came and checked, she said it's something unusual and asked us to bring him to doctor. She told that her mum was having the same sympton before, she sprained her thumb and her thumb cannot be straighted. But everything was unknown at that moment and we have to wait till Monday when we returned home.

We reached home in the evening on Sunday, the next day, we brought him to pediatrician, in 2 seconds when the pediatrician saw baby's right thumb, he said this is in-born, either exercise or surgery is required.

Never in my mind appears the word of surgery at his young age, he immediately recommended us to another paediatric orthopaedics.

We took leave on 15 Feb to visit this paediatric orthopaedic, no X-ray, just physical checking, he told us to feel the lump underneath his little right thumb, he said surgery is required...

Now, I have no mood to work, thinking that it requires 10 day for him to recover, not to mention he has to go through anaesthesia. I decided to take leave to take care of him myself, I feel it is my duty to do so, although everyone question about my capability of handling him alone. I have to do, that's in my mind.


The Sims Family said...


I chanced upon your blog while searching for trigger thumb. How did your kid react to the surgery? How is your doctor? Mind to share more? My kid has also been diagnosed with the same thing.. Many thanks...

shuey said...

Hi, his thumb was wrapped up for I remember few days to a week, but he was not irritated by it too much as we noticed, we just bath him with the thumb untouched (no water).

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