Monday, October 13, 2008

My Guest Book

Hi, welcome to my guest book.

Been to a several blogs, saw that they have quite a well-setup guest book, so thought that I should have one as well.

I am married to a stubborn Singaporean and am now a working mum who always do day dreaming. I am recently addicted to blogging. I do blog about myself, things that I always wanna do - cooking, and about my baby boy.

My typical work life is from 9 am - 6 pm. Thereafter, I have to rush back to pick my little monster from in-law's place. Literally, I have only 3 hours daily and 24 hours over the weekend to spend solely with my son and with all the household chores to do, I have to train him to play on his own if papa is not around --- this is so difficult!

With the "restriction" above. :) I hope that I can still post some recipes from either my MIL or my mum that I have tried on my own, I know nothing about cooking before I got married, so I will make only simple dishes :D, if you like any of them, do mention it here or just suggest anything for me to improve. :)


Ani said...

*Faint* I didn't know your boy has political views already... The URL from your "baby boy" link is wrong la... Oh dear :D hahah

shuey said...

Opps. :P I corrected, at least I know someone is reading my blog. :D

Food Lover said...

Still waiting for your recipes! :D

shuey said...

I have 6 drafts, but it's either I didn't take note of the measurement or the photos are not so nice, unless I were to post the measurement such as tell uncle SGD 6 for the minced meat :D

Something About Us said...

leaving my foot prints behind here :)

thanks for dropping by my blog and hope we can exchange links?

Like you, I maintain two blogs too, one for the kids, one for daddy & mummy :D

my hubby is a food lover and I know he will be interested in your receipes. so do keep them posting!

- Ling

shuey said...

Hi, Ling,

Thanks for dropping by, I love to read blogs recently, I will be away this weekend, so my next blog might be delayed again.

Do come back and comment, if any. :)

belle said...

hello! you look familiar... were you once/twice my senior? once in CHS... 2nd time in NTU :P

shuey said...

hi belle, yes, I was in CHS and NTU, nice to meet you here in the blog, may I put your link on my blog?

belle said...

sure :)

Nancy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and nice to meet you here. BTW,my son also study in NTU now.

shuey said...

Hi Nancy Mummy, :) nice to meet you too, your son is my junior then. :D

Hope we can exchange tips in future, anything, NTU or food. :D

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