Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Not everyone knows that I had HFMD in April. I guess it really was a "pain" when I had that.

"You might have HFMD" told by doctor.

"You must be kidding" as I thought the doctor is not professional enough, I went to another one nearby my house. Hoping that the first doctor was diagnosing my sympton wrongly.

"Well, I cannot confirm, but to be on safe side, we have to take it as you have HFMD"

What's this? I have to be staying at home and be isolated from others for one week or so? What do I do then? Ha...no work, great, but cannot see baby.....NO.

Ok, well, take it, better than passing the disease to baby later. Watch TV, housework, reading, lunch, dinner, etc. What to do? I can only find things to pass my time during this one whole week.

Day 1, day 2......

On Sunday, before my 2nd checkup, he brought baby "home", he was just standing outside the door, looking at me, my tears went down without control, I just cannot bear with it, though I thought I can take it. He wanted to walk towards me but being stopped by my mum-in-law.

"Mummy will see you tomorrow, mummy is sick now" That is the best thing I can say.

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