Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Malacca Chicken Rice Ball

Em...Did not notice that the lighting was not so good when I took the picture, anyway, this will be my first food review. :)

We went to KL around 2 weeks ago, on our way back, since it is always our headache to dicuss and decide where to have lunch. This time, I suggested to use the GPS of my Omnia to lead the way to our lunch. I entered Melaka as destination and use the nearby function in GPS to locate the chicken rice stall(famous food in Melaka). Here it was, He Ji Chicken Rice. Since it was still early, we decided to follow the GPS and go for it. :)

When we were heading to the place, my hubby and I were teasing that the GPS might lead us to the right destination, but the shop might be closed. Guess what, it was really closed for the day when we finally found the place because the owner has something on! :( Luckily, there were other chicken rice shops nearby, so we decided to opt for the one that has crowd inside and there this was the place we went, 古城鸡饭粒. I am not too sure if the branch is listed on the website, because the address seems different, it was near Jalan Hastukari, but I cannot really remember if it is at the corner. However, their sign is very obvious, you should be able to get it easily. Do give me a reply or comment if you know what address it is (the branch nearest to He Ji Chicken Rice).

We ordered asam fish, 1 whole chicken (of couse, not just 2 of us, we were with our in-laws), tofu (for my little monster), veggie. The rice came in a ball shape as shown above, I had tried this type of chicken rice before in Geylang, Singapore but this Melaka one tastes much more better. The chicken were tendered, we all liked it except the fish. The smell of fish was still present, it was not quite fresh it seems. Anyway, the restaurant seems famous for chicken rice, so we bypass the fish this time. Tofu and veggie were normal, as expected, no surprise but ok to have. With chili, the chicken was tasty, even my mum-in-law had 2 bowls of rice. (she hardly have half a plate of rice back at home) :D

The restaurant is clean and they have a decoration in the backyard where you can dress up as chinese emperor to take picture. Washroom was not so clean but compared to other places I went, I considred this as moderate.

Overall, I think it was worth the trip to go.

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My Wok Life said...

I love the Malacca Chicken rice ball. It is indeed very much tastier than those in Singapore!

Idid not try the 古城 shop, but I tried this 中华 coffee shop at the corner where long queue during lunch hours will be expected at the most the time. We were 'lucky' to have to queue for ONLY 30 min. Ha.... Check out my post on Malacca food I had, just to share with you:


Btw, thanks for dropping by my site. :)

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