Monday, November 12, 2007

On the way home

Am on the way home, hubby is driving like a crazy taxi driver, am using the laptop and UBS modem to go online now.

Over the last long weekend, have planned the following menu for my baby:

  • 6 am - 180 ml milk
  • 9 am - 5 tbsp cereal
  • 12 noon - porridge with fish / pork + carrot / pumpkin
  • 3 pm - apple / 180 ml milk
  • 6 pm - porridge with fish / pork + carrot / pumpkin
  • 9 pm - 180 ml milk
  • 10:30 pm / 11 pm - 180 ml milk

Morning session he is quite ok, but the afternoon session sometimes he does not really "follow".
I guess perhaps it is because the applie is not full filling.

Want to try out the above in the coming weekend, hope he still sticks to the similar timing by then. I feel the menu is lack of veg, but I cannot keep long for the veg, thus, cannot buy much to keep in fridge.

Just realize that we forgot to bring veg from our fridge to in-law's house, guess the corn and the pumpkin will be of no use by the weekend.

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