Thursday, June 26, 2008


Been busy preparing trip to Japan recently in June. I was struggling whether to go Japan or not because of the Mr. Juseleeno's Predictions 2008. Japan has been the place I wish to visit since young. Not only because of the culture difference, it is also a trip that I wish for since my last trip 3 years ago.

Finally, we went to Kyoto and Tokyo from 9 - 18 July. I will be posting some photos as soon as I can.

Meanwhile, the photos are all at Shutterfly currently, the link contains photos from Japan plus some photo ablums from my little baby.

After the trip, I think I am now hoping to go for another one. :D I am now looking forward to Genting trip in Sep. We will bring our little baby with us at that time, am very anxious to see how he will enjoy himself in the theme park or the cold weather in Genting highland. :)

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