Thursday, August 07, 2008


Was tasked to do coding in the recent project.
No other extra "overhead".
Suddenly feel relief in my life, going home everyday at around 6 - 630 pm.
Bringing baby back home every night, playing with him.
Just realize that life is so good without night conference.


Food Lover said...

So are you a programmer? :)

I like the sosimplegoodies link you have. I have been wanting to follow that show, but didn't have the time to. Now I can read them online. Thanks! ;)

shuey said...

Well, I do write requirements, design as well, my boss says we can call ourself as professional consultant. Just a better name, anyway, does not make any difference in my salary.

Oh, you can link my blog if you want, though I started, not much thing to show. :P Sorry that I did not ask your (and wokking mum's)prior permission to put both of your blogs on my blogroll.

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