Monday, February 09, 2009


Last week itself, I finally have two small gathering with all my secondary school and ex-IA friends. Since when I have ZX, I almost have not met any friends of mine. This is due to the daily routine that I have to carry, basically, from home-work-PIL place-home. I guess this is quite normal for a double income family. It is tiring, but somehow, we do not have much choices unless I were to be a SAHM.
It is always a enjoyable gathering if you really know each other well. We talked about baby, work and somehow, "ghosts". Yeah, CNY still, but we talked about these things. Choy.... 大吉利市 :D

Few of them like me have became father / mother recently. It was almost like a father / mother parenting tips sharing session and somehow, since we have friends who are still single, thus, we have to hold on to our parenting tips session a bit. :)

Great! I like this CNY, for the part that at least I managed to meet up with my long-time-no-see friends. ;)

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